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Wound Care

IM电竞App官网伤口护理部门的任务是减少各种类型的伤口可能引起的并发症, including acute, chronic, post-surgical (e.g. ostomies and continent diversions), post radiation, reconstructive and other wounds that may prove to be problematic, as well providing care for diabetic foot complications.

Some Health Issues Are Not Easy to Talk About...

Do you suffer with:

  • Painful, non-healing wounds or bedsores?
  • Frequent urination, loss of bladder and/or bowel control?
  • 造口的问题,比如皮肤刺激、渗漏和其他“难以启齿”的问题?

If so, 将您的护理交给IM电竞App官网的高级实践伤口造口和自制护理专家Sue Reading-Martin,并找到专业的治疗和支持,以成功地管理您的病情.

Please call 308.761.3425 for more information.